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About Us

The Highest Bar is What We Set for Ourselves

We are High Bar Home Inspections, a family run service provider in Southwest Ohio. We take our combined experience in construction and home renovation and apply it to ensure that you know what you're getting! Using the latest technology in home inspections, our inspectors delve into every corner of your new home to find whatever defects may be lurking, and help provide you with a path to restoration. Using extensive training and continuing education, we strive to stay ahead of the industry and to ensure your safety and comfort!

Why High Bar?

You should know what you're getting!

High Bar's inspectors are InterNACHI certified Home Inspectors, the leading organization in Home Inspection Education. Standard with all inspections is a thorough analysis of the interior, exterior, and all major systems of your new home, adhering to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice. We don't just call ourselves High Bar for nothing, however; our inspectors exceed the standards for home inspections whenever we can to give you peace of mind!

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OK, But what else?

You're not easily satisfied; I like that!

Buying a home is scary; I get it! There's a lot on the line, and nothing is more important than keeping your family safe and securing your future. So to help ease that burden, I'll make you a deal: If we miss something, we'll buy your house back, full price, no questions asked. In addition to that, we offer great discounts on multiple inspections!


Why InterNACHI?

World Renowned and Respected

InterNACHI is an acronym for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. All InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors have volunteered to be held to a higher degree of scrutiny. In addition to being the most widely recognized training institute in the world, InterNACHI is also the only Home Inspector training institute accredited by the US Department of Education, and they back all InterNACHI CPI's with a $25,000 Honor Guarantee to protect YOU from losses! With InterNACHI and High Bar Inspections, you can be sure you're getting the best!

So Who are You?

Nice to meet you! I'm Andrew, owner and lead Inspector with High Bar. I love working in homes, with nearly a decade of experience in inspecting, home renovation, facility maintenance/management, and construction. I've developed a keen eye for detail over the years in finding, identifying, and correcting defects, and I put that experience to use for you to help ensure you know exactly what you're getting!


CABR #884009694

I take pride in knowing I give the best experience and product in the field, which is why I strive to maintain all necessary licensing and certification, and to stay abreast of improvements, updates, and changes in home inspection techniques and technologies. Check out what I mean below:

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InterNACHI CPI#20042726


IAC2 #IAC2-21-8529


ODH Radon License #RT1640

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