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What is a High Bar Home Inspection?

There are so many systems and components in a house, it can often be overwhelming when it is all presented to a new homeowner. From AFCI circuits to Windows, High Bar inspectors strive to uncover the defects hidden within your home and to make you aware of anything that might need your attention, so you can focus on making your house feel like a home!

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        A Home Inspection with High Bar starts at the top; that is, on the roof. We get as close to the roof surface as we can and look at the roof covering, structure, chimneys, vents, flashing, and everything else. Naturally, the next step is . . . the foundation! We'll inspect for moisture intrusion, proper grading, cracks, and ensure the possibility of wood-rot and termite intrusion is minimal. We'll also make sure your driveway, sidewalks, steps, and porches are safe and secure. From there, the siding, exterior doors, and windows are the next point of interest. You want to make sure your home is secure against wind and rain, not to mention that everything locks and latches well. While we're outside, we'll check out how everything gets into and out of your house, like the electrical, plumbing, gas, and drain vents.

         Once the exterior has been fully inspected, we'll move inside. First stop is your utility access, including water and gas shutoffs, electrical panels, and HVAC units. With these systems, safety and comfort come first. We'll ensure your electrical system is up to snuff to minimize the danger of fires and shocks, your plumbing is installed to be efficient and prevent leaks, your HVAC is running safe and strong, and everything is vented properly to prevent dangerous gas build-up. Continuing with those systems, we'll check for the presence and functionality of AFCI/GFCI protected circuits, smoke/CO detectors, outlets and receptacles, proper operation and drainage of toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks, and appropriate/efficient HVAC ducts and registers.

        While we're inside, we'll check all interior walls, doors, ceilings, and floors for cracks, shifts, and signs of settling in the foundation. We'll ensure all doors and windows can open, close, and lock easily, and that there are no structural defects within the home. Finally, we'll ensure the garage and garage doors have fully functional safety equipment, and that the attic is appropriately vented, insulated, and leak free. After that, it's time to welome you to your new home!


What About the Report?

A High Bar Report consists of 3 parts; The Summary, the Glossary, and the Details. In the summary we describe the basics of the house and a quick-hitting run down of the major points you need to know right off the bat. In the glossary, we have a list of terminology that is helpful in understanding the report, an overview of what is and is not included in the inspection, and a description of terms we use to describe the status of defects within your home. The details are exactly that; a system-by-system description of everything we've inspected in your home. and how they may affect your quality of life and your decision to purchase. Every report also includes dozens (if not hundreds!) of full color images so you can see exactly what the report is describing.

(what's a defect?)

Put simply, a defect is anything that makes your home uncomfortable, unsightly, or unsafe. Not all defects are made the same, however, so we do our best to make sure you understand the severity of the defect using these handy descriptions.

Minor Defect

A defect observed during the inspection, not deemed by the inspector to be a significant cause for concern for injury or property damage, and usually able to be repaired, replaced, or corrected by the homeowner.

Major Defect

A defect observed during the inspection, not deemed by the inspector to be a significant cause of concern for injury or property damage, and usually requiring a licensed contractor to repair, replace, or correct.

Material Defect

A defect observed during the inspection determined by the inspector to be a significant cause of concern for injury or property damage (these should usually be corrected immediately).

Point of Interest

A condition of the home that is not currently considered a defect, but which may develop further and the homeowner should be aware of.

How do you find all this stuff?

Tools. Lots of tools. We bring an over-stuffed tool bag with us on every inspection, packed with:

 - Screwdrivers

 - Mallet

 - Moisture Meter

 - Infrared Camera

 - AFCI tester

 - GFCI tester

 - Gas detector

 - Bore-scope

 - Flashlight

 - Measuring Tape

 - Voltage Detector

 - Multiple Ladders

 - Air pump

 - Multimeter

These are just the tools used on EVERY inspection, and they allow us to see, hear, and feel things that can't be observed by just looking. They're certainly not a requirement for a full home inspection, but we couldn't call ourselves High Bar if we didn't strive for the best!

moisture meter water leak detector
afci tester
borescope sink inspection
thermal imaging water leak
gas leak detector detection
Any Other Stuff?

Of Course! This just scratches the surface of what you'd find in a home, and there are dozens of other problems that could pop up, not to mention times other than during the middle of a real-estate transaction when you'd want to have a home inspected! We have several ancillary inspections we offer, as well as other local contractors we partner with to ensure you know exactly what you're getting and that you have the best-prepared professionals helping you find it!

But What Does it Cost?

Less than you might think. We know that homes aren't all made the same, so it stands to reason that home inspections shouldn't all be the same; different variables in the home will move the price up or down, but most full-home inspections will average less than $450. We also run every aspect of the business in-house, cutting our costs and passing those savings on to you. Our fee schedule below highlights our standard pricing.

Obviously, the size of your new home isn't the only thing that makes it special! There are variables that make certain properties easier or more difficult to inspect, and which will adjust the price accordingly. No Crawlspace? That's easy for us! Older home, from the time of Aluminum wiring and Lead pipes? Those are harder for us to ensure safety. Whatever the circumstances, we can inspect within your budget to give you peace of mind in your new home!

 Up to 2000'²          $300

 2000'-2999'²         $350

 3000'-3499'²         $400

 3500'-3999'²         $450

 4000'²+                 Call for Pricing!

home inspection cost

To get a custom quote, fill out our contact form at the link below, or call us at 513-673-8137 to discuss your options!

So $450 just gets me a report?

Nope! It also gets you peace of mind! (what, you thought we'd just leave you hanging?) We follow through on our inspections! In addition to our personalized report with details and captions exclusive to your home, we also offer a comprehensive RecallChek on all installed appliances. High Bar has you covered until you're settled in!

Sounds great, right? That's not enough for some people . . . and that's great! If this inspection is for a real estate transaction, this is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you'll make; you don't want to get stuck with a home that isn't everything you've hoped for. That's why, if it turns out we missed something in the inspection and you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll buy the home back from you, no questions asked. You deserve the best, in your home and in your inspection, and High Bar is here to provide. 

Exclusive to High Bar, you can also upgrade to our premium package, which provides you with the DoMoreport, "The second half of the home inspection." This is the most effective bargaining tool available to buyers, as we provide a comprehensive analysis of all necessary repairs within your home with estimated costs and quotes from local companies, all within 24 hours, and all for only $59! You shouldn't overpay for existing defects or unforeseen problems; we can help! Contact us for more information and to schedule!


Check out a sample DoMoreport below

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home inspection report
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